What is aerial photography?

Aerial photography is when photographs of a ground location are taken from an elevated position, usually by a camera in the sky. Aerial photography allows us to capture your entire location in a single shot. This gives a level of dimension and scale to your photographs that is difficult to capture on the ground. Whether it’s demonstrating a golf course or showing the beautiful countryside that surrounds a house that you are selling, seeing the location from the sky gives a feeling of grandeur that will evoke the “wow factor”.

Drone Photography

The first aerial photographs were taken by mounting explosive charges on a timer to a kite. Thankfully, the process has since evolved into what we use today. Cameras are mounted onto drones, sometimes known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (or UAVs), which are then sent into the air and piloted by the photographer on the ground using a remote control.

There are different types of drone, for example, quad-copters that use four rotating blades to make them airborne and hexa-copters that use six motors and propellers. Drones types vary in size and features; at Dignow Productions we know what equipment works best in different types of location settings; we plan our shoots around the best drones for the task at hand.

Our drones have in-built GPS that links with the remote control so that they always find their way back to the pilot. When the shoot comes to an end, or if the batteries need recharging, the drone and camera will return to the crew on the ground, meaning that we don’t have to go looking for it in a field somewhere!

The benefits of UAV photography

The advancement of unmanned drones has meant that the cost and difficulty of sourcing high-quality aerial photographs have been greatly reduced. Whereas in the past you might have had to organize a shoot with a helicopter or low flying aircraft, now the technology allows for cost-effective shoots to be arranged that need significantly less planning.

As drones are obviously considerably smaller than helicopters, it means we can get into tighter spaces and shoot closer to the ground if needed, which opens up a wider range of potential for capturing the perfect shot.

UAVs can be set up quickly on location, are highly maneuverable, and remarkably unobtrusive. Whereas a helicopter hovering overhead may interrupt the day-to-day running of your organisation or location, a drone can be piloted without causing excessive noise and disruption. Also, built-in image stabilization allows for crystal clear photographs to be taken.